Get in line with regulatory requirements.

Help your customers gamble responsibly with Playright.

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Helping customers play responsibly

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Playright: helping players to gamble responsibly

In line with regulatory compliance requirements

Playright is a pioneering set of play management tools introduced in 2019, to help gamblers and gambling operators control and prevent over-gambling.

Players set self-imposed play restrictions to limit when they are allowed to enter a betting shop, casino, arcade or other gambling area.

The Playright company is based in the UK and has expertise in gambler behaviour, gambling regulation and secure data management.

Playright is easy to use, secure, reliable and independent.

Download Playright, the free app that helps winners to gamble responsibly.

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Help to control over-gambling in land-based venues

The Playright ‘Time Out’ service is a significant step forward in helping to control over-gambling in land-based venues.

The Playright ‘Time Out’ service allows customers to take a short break from gambling.

Players select specific time frames for when they don’t want to be in a venue:

The ‘Time Out’ options are adjustable:

  • days of week;
  • dates in month (e.g. before Christmas, around payday);
  • time of day;
  • length of stay in venues.

Playright also provides players with the ability to set play restrictions that cover all venues in a local area, such as around where a player works, lives or frequents. 

Players will receive an alert on their phone if they breach their ‘Time Out’

They can choose to have staff remind them about their breach.

But if they want to stay and play, they can. They are not required to leave the venue.

The Tech

Cloud-based and scalable service

Playright is a cloud-based service, scalable across clients of all sizes.

At its core, the solution uses a proximity detector, an innovative hardware device enabling detection of a customer who has the Playright app installed on their phone.

The size of a smoke detector, the device is easily installed in the venue.

For a normal-size venue, one detector is sufficient to cover the whole space, but for larger venues, more may be required.

It is the responsibility of the operator to install any detectors.


The Playright Breach Alerts app

The Playright Breach Alerts app is installed on a venue Android tablet for staff to use.

When a customer enters a venue during a ‘Time Out’, or stays longer than their preferred play duration, and they have chosen to have a staff reminder, Playright will notify the staff that a customer has breached. 

The customer’s picture and first name will be displayed on the tablet through the Playright Breach Alerts app.

A staff member may then check if the customer in question is in the venue, and notify them of their Playright staff reminder.

However, the player does not have to leave. It is their decision.

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