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Safer Gambling

The ultimate safer gambling solution

Playright promotes safer gambling for all. It is a pioneering and comprehensive solution for players and operators seeking to prevent and to provide support for gambling-related harm, online and in land-based venues. Our tools benefit all players, not just at-risk gamblers.

Through our social responsibility services, we assist operators in protecting their players at every stage of gambling severity. We can employ Know Your Customer (KYC) services, including identity checking, age verification, affordability checks, and source of wealth, to ensure safer play from the outset.

To identify and prevent problems in at-risk players, Playright provides proactive behavioural monitoring and a buddy system. We also supply self-help information to educate players on the harms associated with gambling, and access to the relevant care providers.

Proactive intervention, including AI-driven interventions and player-risk profiling, and counselling, supports those already experiencing issues.

For gamblers who wish to stop playing, either intermittently or altogether, Playright also offers a spread of flexible exclusion services: self-exclusion, Time Out, and spend monitoring.

Our training and support services for players and operators, such as: in-venue and online management and staff training; in-app or email assistance; a support ticketing system; and 24-hour critical system issue help, establish robust and readily available assistance for all.

Playright is an independent company based in the UK.

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Exclusion Services

Self-exclusion and Time Out

Playright’s flexible self-exclusion service gives players the option to take a more long-term break from gambling.

The periods can be configured according to state or national guidelines, for varying lengths of time.

Registration for self-exclusion can happen online or in venue.

Time Out
Playright’s Time Out service allows customers to take a short break in land-based venues and online.

Players select specific time frames for when they don’t want to play:
days of week;
dates in month (e.g. before Christmas, around payday);
time of day; and
length of stay in venues.

Time Out options are adjustable.

For land-based venues, Playright provides players with the ability to set restrictions that cover all venues in a local area, such as around where they work, live or frequent.

Players will receive an alert on their phone if they breach their Time Out, and staff will be notified. Players will then have to leave the venue.

Online, a Time Out breach logs the player out.

The Tech

Cloud-based and scalable service

Playright is a cloud-based service, scalable across clients of all sizes.

At its core, the solution uses a proximity detector, an innovative hardware device enabling detection of a customer who has the Playright app installed on their phone.

The size of a smoke detector, the device is easily installed in the venue.

For a normal-size venue, one detector is sufficient to cover the whole space, but for larger venues, more may be required.

It is the responsibility of the operator to install any detectors.


Staff tablet and player app

The Playright Breach Alerts App
The Playright Breach Alerts app is installed on a venue Android tablet for staff.

When a customer enters a venue during self-exclusion or Time Out, Playright will notify the staff that a customer has breached.

The customer’s picture and first name will be displayed on the tablet through the Playright Breach Alerts app.

A staff member then checks if the customer is present, and notifies them of their breach. The player is then required to leave the venue.

The Playright App
You’re a winner! You Playright!

Want to cut back on the time you spend gambling? Download Playright, the ultimate safer gambling solution.

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